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Assign team members to handle incoming requests and tasks by using rotating user groups and @mentions.

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200+ teams use Shifter - 0ver 2,300 rotations created

Made to simplify communication on Slack.

Shifter utilizes Slack's user groups to create easy-to-remember @mentions and assign on-call teammates according to a custom rotating schedule.

With Shifter, you make sure all messages have a clear destination and every user in your organization knows who they can talk to to get things done quickly.

Every teammate knows when they are in charge so that everyone else can focus on their work.

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How does it work ?

Create a new rotation

Quickly create a new Shifter schedule:

1. Choose a handle name (i.e. dev-on-call).
2. Select the users you want in the rotation.
3. Choose your rotation interval.
4. Set when you want the schedule to start.
5. Pick the right timezone.

After filling in the details you will have the option to
review your selections and see a preview of the schedule.

Select who should be notified

Select channels to alert about a new shifter and choose if you want to notify the new shifter about their
upcoming shift.

Create an override

John is out sick? No problem!

Simply create an override
by specifying which user should take over
and at what time.

During the override time the user you
specified will be the Shifter.



Send notification to specific channels or a Shifter to let them know about upcoming shifts.

Custom Rules

Create custom rotation schedules by setting your own intervals and starting times.


Override a shift by specifying
who should be on shift
and when.


See how many rotations you created and how many unique users are taking part in shifts.

Plans & Pricing

After clicking "Get Started" you will be redirected to Slack, were you will be able to try Shifter for 14-days.


For businesses with 1-3 teams

What's included
5 Rotations
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For businesses with 3-7 teams

What's included
10 Rotations
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For businesses with 10-15 teams

What's included
20 Rotations
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For enterprises with 15-40 teams

What's included
50 Rotations
Premium support
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For enterprises with 30+ teams

What's included
Unlimited Rotations
Premium support
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14 day free-trial

14 days to get a feel for how Shifter works and can help your business communications.

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Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you want to every rotation, we only charge per rotation.

Premium Support

Our team is available 7 days a week to help you with any questions or requests.