How On-Call Rotation Management Improved Our IT Support Team's Efficiency

Shifter is an on-call rotation management tool that helps organizations to streamline their on-call schedules and ensure that there is always someone available to respond to emergencies or provide support to customers. In this article, we'll explore how Shifter helped to improve the efficiency of an IT support team.

Before implementing Shifter, the IT support team at SaltPay struggled to keep track of who was on call and when. This often resulted in delays in response times, as team members had to spend time trying to figure out who was currently responsible for handling support requests. This was especially problematic during off hours, when it was more difficult to get in touch with team members.

By using Shifter to manage their on-call schedule, the IT support team at SaltPay was able to significantly improve their response times. With Shifter, team members could easily see who was on call at any given time, and they could also see when their next on-call shift was scheduled. This helped to reduce confusion and ensure that support requests were handled promptly.

In addition to improving response times, Shifter also helped the IT support team at SaltPay to better manage their workload. With the ability to see when team members were on call, it was easier for the team to plan and allocate tasks. This helped to reduce the risk of overloading any one team member, which in turn helped to improve the overall efficiency of the team.

Overall, Shifter has been a valuable tool for the IT support team at SaltPay. By streamlining their on-call schedule and improving their ability to manage their workload, Shifter has helped the team to provide more efficient support to their customers. If your organization is looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your IT support team, we highly recommend giving Shifter a try.

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